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Wild Great Britain

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Britain’s wildlife can be secretive, so often goes unnoticed. This series reveals the hidden lives of both the familiar and the more unusual animals with which we share our island home.

Each of the diverse habitats offers opportunities and challenges to creatures great and small. We meet a cast of engaging animal characters at key moments in their lives, as low-light cameras expose rarely-seen nocturnal behaviour and macro lenses focus on little-known Britons.

From the Cornish coast to the Shetland Islands, from Norfolk beaches to the cliffs of Anglesey, this series celebrates the stunning wildlife living on our doorstep.

Episode 1 first tx on 6th March 2018 at 9pm

Episode names:

1. Mountains
2. Forests
3. Coasts
4. Rivers
5. Water Worlds
6. Islands
7. Countryside
8. Cities
Re-broadcast on Channel 5 at 7.00pm on 24.03.2020 it inherited an audience of just 100,000 from the previous show and then, across the hour highly exceeded the slot average, peaking at 1 million viewers!