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Help! We’re Having a Baby

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4 x 60'
Plimsoll Productions
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There is no bigger moment in a person’s life than when they first hold their baby in their arms. It doesn’t matter how many guidebooks you’ve read, or antenatal classes you’ve attended - nobody is ever prepared for the total shock of new parenthood.

This warm and insightful new series follows the lives of eight babies in those first six months of their lives and the impact on their parents’ lives and relationships.

Our families are drawn from a range of backgrounds – from young first-time parents of triplets, to seasoned pros, a single-parent family to a modern-day ‘earth mother’. We will follow each of our families on the  rollercoaster ride of their lives.

As well as undergoing rapid physical change, from tiny helpless new-born creatures, to upright and mobile little people, the first few months of a baby’s life sees exponential mental and emotional development. A team of experts will comment and explain, providing insights and context as well as keeping track of parents’ health, wellbeing and mental state.

Our expert panel will include a neuroscientist, a midwife, a senior paediatrician, and a family psychologist.  We will reveal to full horror and hilarity the enormous impact of having a new-born baby – an experience is usually hidden behind closed doors. Thanks to a range of cameras and technology, from infrared night vision and Go pros in the nursery, we will be able to reveal as never before what it’s really like to bring home a baby.