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House Trap

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4 x 60'
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Plimsoll Productions
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In the age of the internet you would think that old-fashioned rogue traders might be on the decline. But they are not. Doorstep scams are on the increase, and the bad guys have one particular group in their sights: the over 60s.

Every day there are stories of vulnerable old people paying over the odds for work, being tricked or even being marched to the bank to have their accounts drained.

Now the tables are turning and the scammers are about to be exposed.

The investigation-driven narrative is led by Dame Esther Rantzen, the journalist, TV presenter and national treasure. She is helped by her ‘Silver Squad’, a group of kick-ass pensioners who will help her uncover and expose those people who have been ripping off our older folk.     

Following numerous reports of the scammers’ rip-off moves, can our host and the Silver Squad lure them into our House Trap and catch them red-handed?