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From the producers of 'Skam', 17 is a teenage drama about Abdi. He is typical for his age, he hangs out with his friends, flirts with girls. He is here and now - not tomorrow, and very loyal to his friends. Which has gotten him in a lot of trouble lately.

Season 1: 17

In 17 days, Abdi will travel to Somalia because his mother wants him to become a better person. This is a countdown story, where we do not know what we are counting down to before we are halfway through the series. Each episode is one day, and each episode starts with the countdown of how many days are left.

17 is about identity, detachment and about having one foot in each culture.

Season 2: 18

We follow Abdi's best friend, 18-year-old Emrah on his way to becoming self-made in Oslo’s rough east side. Emrah comes from a family burdened by parental neglect and poverty. Frustrated with living on other people’s mercy he’s aiming for complete independence, at any cost. To achieve this goal, he joins a criminal gang environment where there’s big money to be made. But earning one’s way to independence in Groruddalen may have severe consequences.

The money comes with a new life and new hurdles around every corner. It gets ever harder to get out, and ever more important never to appear weak or vulnerable. When he falls in love with Aisha, the determined and upright girl who believes in honest work to succeed in life, he ends up with a tremendous dilemma. He wants to be his own master, but who must he turn into to become just that? And is this a person he himself, not to mention Aisha, would like?

Season 3: 16

16 is the story of a 16-year-old boy’s struggle to succeed in an environment fit for winners, when everything in his background points towards him becoming a loser in life.

We follow Emrah’s little brother Ibo - a fairly ordinary boy from a poor and troubled family - in his hunt for status among friends, in school and his local community.


Season 4: 19

19-year-old Aisha wants to be free, strong and independent. But her strict moral index finger and the unwritten rules of the surrounding society make it difficult for her. In order to become the independent girl she wants to be, she has to start breaking some rules.

The question is just: What consequences will it have? Are family and friends ready for an Aisha who does not want to be a good girl anymore? And is Aisha strong enough to stand in it?