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Mountain Vets

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Season 1: 6 x 60' | Season 2: 6 x 30' | Season 3: 6 x 60'
bbc2BBC2, UK
2019 - 2022
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Welcome to the ancient Kingdom of Mourne, where animals outnumber people ten to one and no two days are the same for the busy mountain vets. Season 2 and 3 are narrated by Adrian Dunbar (Line of Duty).

Rising up from Northern Ireland’s lakeshore lowlands to mountain peaks, the Mourne area is famed for its stunning natural beauty. From farmers and family pets to wildlife and exotic species, animals are part of everyone’s everyday lives and the vets are a constant feature driving the winding roads between the local communities that dot the dramatic landscape.

This character-led series follows our core cast of five mountain vets as they care for a diverse range of animals in clinics, on farms and smallholdings. Featuring six to eight stories in each episode to provide multiple beats of colour, community, character, emotion, drama, stunning scenery, humour and surprising natural history insights.

Two busy, friendly, family-run mountain practices and one specialist Equine practice cover the whole Mourne Mountain area and respond to over 100 clinic cases and call outs a day. Our vets live and work together, their friendships adding to the warmth and humour captured in this series.

From a rare five legged calf and a smelly ferret, to emergency surgery, a pet chicken and a rescue seal, the animals and their human owners prove a constant stream of diverse and unexpected cases for our vets to treat. Things don’t always go according to plan and tragedies do happen but the vets do everything they can for the animals in their care.