Scripted Short Form Comedy Format

Christmas on Blood Mountain

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24 x 10-20' (2 seasons)
Discovery, Norway
Seefood TV
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24 episode countdown from 1st to 24th of December in a Christmas murder story that is a parody of murder mysteries, Nordic Noir and the horror genre. Rich Uncle Conrad has invited the Soot family to Blodfjell for Christmas celebrations. They are of course killed off... one by one.

The 24 members of the Soot family are invited on the 1st of December to a family gathering
at Blood Mountain, where Konrad Soot will name his heir and successor. As none of the family members actually get along, everyone is eager to receive their part of the inheritance and leave as soon as they can.

But there is a twist, as Konrad announces that only the family members who will stay at the remote hotel until Christmas Eve will inherit the family fortune. Reluctantly, the greedy family members decide to stay while waiting for their part of the fortune. Things take a sudden turn when one by one they are killed off by a mysterious murderer in a Santa costume…

Christmas on Blood Mountain is a comedy crime thriller and the perfect ‘whodunnit’ to watch during Christmas!