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NRK3, Norway
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Ella is 19 years old, and though she has taken a year off, she is still unsure of what she wants to do with her life. She is afraid to make choices, and unsure of how to explain what she needs.

The people that surround her, all have plans and know what they want, among them her boyfriend Mats, who occasionally approaches her for comfort and sex while being stressed out about his bachelor’s degree. Ella sleeps with him even though she doesn’t really want to and deep inside longs for something else.

When she forgets the deadline for college applications, she panics. Mats insists that she and her friend Susanne should come with him to India the coming fall, and for lack of better plans, she agrees. At the same time, she gets a new coworker named Simen, who seems to awaken all of her inner desires and causes her to fall madly in love.

Blank is an exploration of that liminal time after leaving school and trying to figure out what the rest of life is going to look like: when we feel like a blank page up on which life’s experiences will shape us.