Scripted Short Form Format


Available as
18 x 17-20' for
NRK TV Online
Available in
3D / HD
'18' is the second series of NRK's hit '17' and we follow Abdi's best friend, 18-year-old Emrah on his way to becoming self-made in Oslo’s rough east side. Emrah comes from a family burdened by parental neglect and poverty. Frustrated with living on other people’s mercy he’s aiming for complete independence, at any cost. To achieve this goal, he joins a criminal gang environment where there’s big money to be made.

But earning one’s way to independence in Groruddalen may have severe consequences.

The money comes with a new life and new hurdles around every corner. It gets ever harder to get out, and ever more important never to appear weak or vulnerable. When he falls in love with Aisha, the determined and upright girl who believes in honest work to succeed in life, he ends up with a tremendous dilemma. He wants to be his own master, but who must he turn into to become just that? And is this a person he himself, not to mention Aisha, would like?

“18” is a series about macho culture and gender roles, about the grave consequences of parental neglect and poverty, and about love and the lack of love.

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