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Mental - French Language

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Season 1: 10 x 22' | Season 2: 10 x 22'
Slash logoFrance TV - Slash
Blacksheep Films
2020 - 2021
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A powerful drama, based on true stories, about four troubled teens and their journey to a secure psychiatric ward and how they find their way out again.

Substance-abusing dad, bullying at school, and the good girl syndrome are some of the reasons why they end up in a locked ward. Their stories are personal, but universal themes tell the tale many teenagers face and this shocking but also humorous drama takes a big step towards banishing the stigma around mental illness. 

Season 2

Several months have gone by at the Primeveres clinic. Simon is now on a day to day hospitalisation basis and Estelle just found her first job. Marvin seems to finally come to terms with his treatment and Hippolyte is fighting his own demons. The new arrival of Max, hospitalised for an eating disorder, threatens to wreak havoc on the precarious balance of things.

Mental Season 1 can be summed up as the acceptation of one’s own psychological suffering. This second season is focused around the question of identity, and the part played by the illness within it. I am suffering of course but what should I do with it? Should I ignore it, hide it or claim it? How can I trust myself when I know my perception and feelings could be biased? Is there any truth in all this? Each character will challenge their emotions deep down and face fear, doubt and sometimes shame to discover that despite being an integral part of their existence, the illness is very far from summing them up. Mental Season 2 deepens its ground-breaking destigmatisation work around mental health issues among young adults and will particularly highlight prevalent topics related to eating disorders.

Léo Grêlé, Louis Peres, Lauréna Thellier