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Inside The Steam Museum

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Season 1: 4 x 60' | Season 2: 4 x 60'
Channel-5-New-Logo-300x300Channel 5, UK
Parish Lantern Films
2019 - 2022
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A year in the life of an eccentric British attraction. We follow the people who make it so unique.

Filmed behind the scenes at Bressingham Steam Museum, "Britain’s most eccentric day out” as voted by the Guardian newspaper, in this documentary series we get to know the endearing but somewhat bizarre characters that band together to keep the museum (which is run as a charity) going.

We cover all things steam, engineering, and restoration at the museum; from restoring full-size steam engines, rebuilding railway tracks to restoring a wooden cockerel from a set of victorian gallopers.  We also see the unique challenges faced when working with steam, from the trials of driving a road steam engine in modern-day traffic to following a new volunteer who learns to drive a steam train for the first time.

We also get to see the idiosyncrasies of the day to day running of the museum along with the planning and implementation of events such as the 1940’s day, Halloween and Christmas event and the ridiculous situations that arise from them. 

Every episode follows a few main stories and has its own feel-good conclusion, often one that ties all the stories together.  The episodes have their own individual theme within the overarching storyline of a quirky museum trying to keep steam alive in the modern world.