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Meet The Meerkats

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6 x 60'
Discovery, USA
Plimsoll Productions
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Narrated by Emmy nominated actor Rob Delaney, this series follows the incredible journey of three very special meerkat families as they face the biggest challenge of their lives – adapting to the wild after being in captivity.

This is the magical story following meerkat families, on the adventure of a lifetime. Rescued from the illegal wildlife trade, they’re finally being set free and returned to their rightful home, the Kalahari Desert.

These are no ordinary meerkats. As a team they are learning the ropes – figuring out the strict rules of meerkat society, under the close watch of their wild neighbours. Life in the desert is no mean feat – especially for these former pets – they now have to think on their feet. And with the birth of five tiny pups, their family bonds are put to the ultimate test.  

Across a dramatic season, this animal soap will bring joy and jeopardy in equal measure. Using state of the art filming techniques, we discover how teamwork and family life is the key to survival. From alliances with wild groups to the drawing of enemy lines, first-time encounters with venomous snakes and predators, secret romances and blossoming friendships, to the rollercoaster of raising young, we follow these meerkats on an intimate journey like no other.


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