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Marcus Wareing's Tales from a Kitchen Garden

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This series follows Marcus - chef extraordinaire and successful restaurateur - as he follows his dream of living, and cooking, in the English countryside. Marcus travels across the country visiting farmers and gardeners - inspiring him as he grows his fledgling market garden.

After making his name in some of Britain’s top restaurants - cooking food and inventing new recipes - Marcus is finally living his dream of spending more time in the countryside and has recently acquired a small holding.

Throughout the series there will be lessons and top tips about rearing livestock as diverse as pigs, chickens, cows, sheep and even bees. There’ll also be advice on planting orchards and the best way to grow vegetables - inspiring Marcus, and viewers at home, to get out there and start planting.

The series breaks down the barriers between farming and kitchen. It explores where food comes from, how it grows, traditional and new farming methods and, most importantly, how to grow the very best fruit and veg, and what affects the taste of our food.



BBC - Marcus Wareing to share tales from his Garden Kitchen on BBC Two

Executive Producer
Karen Plumb