Factual Entertainment Format

Two of a Kind

Available as
8 x 30'
TV2, Denmark
Bermuda Productions
Two surprisingly identical homes can come with two shockingly different price tags depending on where in the country you find them. But how much difference are we talking about? What’s the price difference that would make you move?

Our hosts are a trio of friends – experts in the property market - who embark on a banter-filled road trip that crosses the length and breadth of the country, each keen to prove he best knows the real estate market. 

They each guess the value of the first property, the host with the most accurate guess wins an advantage when it comes to estimating the value of the second property. Whomever gets closest in this second round is crowned winner – and most importantly – wins bragging rights!

From the outside the two properties look uncannily similar, on the inside they are different and it’s fascinating to learn how internal changes can affect price, but more interesting still is to see how practically the same property comes with an entirely different price tag when you take into consideration the street and the area where it’s located.  The difference in the price tags of these ‘two of a kind’ properties can be inspiring and even shocking. We have to ask ourselves is it worth it?!