Factual Entertainment Format

Mortgage Free in One Move

Plimsoll Productions
A property format with a consumer twist, the show offers practical advice as well as pure ‘property porn’ escapism. In every episode three presenters will be taking a homeowner and showing them three housing options in order to be mortgage free in one move.

The three property options - each chosen by one of the presenters - will be based on a different key property theme. These themes will make up the format beats of each episode – space, renovation, relocation. All the options will be about showing our contribs, and audiences at home, how much bang they can get for their buck with a bit of creative thinking...and some help from experts.

Each contrib will have their own reason for wanting to be mortgage-free. Maybe they want to be able to travel more. Maybe they want to be able to help their kids get on the property ladder. Or maybe they want to work less hours just to make enough money to make their monthly payments.

Having seen the three options selected by our expert presenters, the ep closes with the reveal of whether our homeowners are choosing to stay put or go mortgage free. And, if they choose to throw off the shackles of a mortgage – which option will they chose?