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The emotional story of how orphaned baby elephant, Shaba, was saved and rehabilitated by a female-led grassroots movement. 

In the mountains of northern Kenya, a Samburu community is doing something that has never been done before, building a sanctuary for orphaned elephants to rehabilitate them back to the wild.

This multi award-winning short film is about the Reteti Elephant Sanctuary’s first matriarch elephant and the extraordinary bonds she formed with a herd of baby orphaned elephants and the people who rescued her. Shaba arrived traumatised after poachers shot her mother dead. This is a story about learning to trust those that we fear. She teaches us about love and our connections to all of life around us.

The project is not just changing attitudes about elephants, it is changing attitudes about women too; the secret to the Reteti Elephant Sanctuary's success is the special bond between a group of women keepers and one special elephant named Shaba.

Please help us support this wonderful charity by licensing this multi award-winning short film.   You can license for FREE and help build awareness of the foundation’s important work, or pay a license fee and 100% of the fee will go straight to support the foundation and save more elephants like Shaba.
We are lucky to work in the wildlife content business: time for a little give back.

Reteti Elephant Sanctuary is the first community owned and run elephant sanctuary. It is a Samburu community owned and run sanctuary situated in Northern Kenya, among the country’s second largest elephant population. The sanctuary takes in orphaned and abandoned elephant calves with an aim to release them back into the wild herds adjoining Reteti. This is the result of a widely recognised and expanding grassroots movement of community-driven conservation across Northern Kenya; a movement that is growing new economies, transforming lives and conserving natural resources.

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