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Prom Crazy

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Finished Programme
1 x 60 (2014)
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3D / HD
American style Prom events are becoming an essential rite of passage for UK teenagers, with 85% of schools in Britain holding Proms for their school-leavers.

For 16 year olds, the Prom can be quite literally the most important night of their lives and they can spend months, even years, planning it. It’s all about out-shining your rivals and, with your reputation on the line, expensive designer dresses, extreme makeover regimes and supercar transport are all in the frame.

This programme follows pupils and businesses who are gearing up for the biggest prom season ever. We follow Jag who owns a fleet of supercars from Aston Martins to Bentleys and the sixteen year old boys who are hiring them for their proms! Ben is longing to hire a sports car but his bad behaviour at school is putting his attendance at the prom at risk. The dress shops in Essex which sell frocks that cost up to a grand are doing big business and there’s now huge competition between the shops for the lucrative prom business. We meet Callum in Surrey who is putting himself on the line to make sure he gets the prom date of his dreams and Channelle who highlights what happens if you don’t have the money or the conventional good-looks to compete. In this film we meet teachers, parents and of course the teenagers: fighting over frocks, dieting, pampering, agonising over dates, and stretching their families’ pockets to make a splash on the prom red carpet.