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Puppy Secrets: The First 6 Months

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2 x 52'
Plimsoll Productions
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Everyone loves puppies. They are cute, cuddly, and clumsy – a joy to watch, and even more of a joy to have in the home.

In the crucial first 6 months of their lives, a puppy changes more than you could imagine.

In this series we follow four sets of puppies from birth right through their crucial and fascinating first 6 months, discovering not only the incredible developments that happen in this magical period of time, but also the exceptional bond they make with humans. From a new litter of super-bright Collies, to tiny Chihuahua’s that are just 100 grams each at birth; we follow our puppies in exquisite detail through all the milestones of their fast developing lives; first with their breeders, then with their new owners. We’ll be with them as they encounter all the challenges of 21st century life; from cars to tractors, washing machines to hoovers; other dogs to children. We highlight the visual delight of puppyhood, and also reveal the latest and most fascinating discoveries in the science of puppy development, to reveal just how amazing puppies are, and how and why their bond with us is so powerful and long-lasting.