Entertainment Format

The Holiday Guest

Available as
8 x 25’
VIER, Belgium
Available in
3D / HD
What would happen if you send a celebrity along on a holiday with a totally unknown family?

The Holiday Guest brings a celebrity out of their comfort zone, as they travel with everyday families. The choice of the celebrity, the destination and the host family is a surprise to all of them and brings unexpected and touching stories. Neither the family nor the celebrity outsider will know whether the outcome of their journey will be a unique encounter or a total disaster. Either way, it will be the experience of a lifetime.

From an all-inclusive family holiday in sunny Spain to a trip around the globe, over a whale spotting adventure in Canada to a hitchhike and coachsurf-vacation in India: our celebrities will have to follow the choice of their new family. But will the celebrity really blend in and become part of the family?

In any case the celebrity will be going on an exceptional and astonishing journey in which we see them in a completely new and surprising way.