Scripted Short Form Format

Where is Thea?

Available as
56 x 3-6' & 10 x 23'
TV2, Norway Sumo TV
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If your house mate has gone missing without a trace, and the police are unconvinced of any wrongdoing, what do you do and who do you turn to?

Where is Thea? is a multi-platform crime mystery. Liv & Thea are best friends. Suddenly, one day, Thea disappears and Liv tries to find her. Liv is a new kind of detective: she’s a regular person who is looking to find her missing friend using the tools of social media & the internet. Liv publishes everything she does and finds online so that the public can help her find her friend. But as she searches for Thea she rapidly realises it’s not just a question of where is Thea? But who is Thea?  A highly innovative scripted format that blurs the boundaries of drama and reality.